Risk Management & Governance (GRC)



There is an emerging trend to incorporate the three related, but different disciplines of Governance, Risk and Compliance. Often the word or acronym “GRC” is used to abbreviate them. GRC training allows publicly-held companies to integrate and manage IT operations that are subject to regulation. For example, data retention and risk management procedures mandated by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), HIPAA, Basel II and regional regulations have all placed unprecedented pressure on IT administrators to coordinate enterprise-wide tracking and organization of compliance measures.

With regard to risk management, managing compliance type risks is non-negotiable. A business must manage these risks to low or acceptable levels. The compliance personnel have a role to play in the management of such risks.

Managing business risks is complex and requires a board range of both information technology and business management knowledge and involves several interested parties. An example risk is an unwanted side-effect of amalgamating governance, risk and compliance is the potential duplication of effort and waste of resources.

Having a clear understanding of the differences and similarities in the roles defined will assist in establishing the correct organizational structure and management of an organization’s business processes. It will also reduce the potential threats and risks that might seriously impact your organization.

GRC training with ACinfotec can satisfy the needs of multiple stakeholders, including:

  • Business executives that need to identify and manage risk.
  • Finance managers assigned to meet regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Legal counsels grappling with discovery and records retention.
  • IT directors managing software installations and developments related to GRC projects across an organization.
  • Better develop and manage compliance type risks in the risk register in order to avoid the overlap of tasks, wastage of resources and confusion

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