Project Management


Project management is a growing, rapidly dynamic and change profession that involves planning, coordinating, costing and evaluating projects of all sizes, as well as managing the people and risks involved in the project.

In a globalized economy, project management is central to develop and deliver new products, services and infrastructure as well as implement new techniques and processes to facilitate changes and other influential factors.

Training requirements for project managers vary greatly according to the type of projects they manage, however trends indicate that formal training is fast becoming a selection criteria essential. Project management studies at ACinfotec are based on key project management methodologies to provide a holistic viewpoint with the aim to deliver generic project management skills that can be applied across most sectors and industries.

The purpose of the project management major is to improve business and project management competencies, to provide students with professional development opportunities as project management practitioners, and to enhance the prospect for continued advancement in the chosen industry or sector.

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