As the world gets more connected, it also gets less safe. And as more and more information is exchanged via email and websites, and more folks buy stuff online, more data and money is at risk than ever before.

That’s why those with technical certifications in security are becoming more and more in demand. But there are a lot to choose from; which one might be right for you? We’ll give an overview of the most popular, and in-demand, security certifications you can get.\\


ISC2 — ISC2 offers the CISSP and several others which are rather broad in scope and seem more focused on the security manager or executive level rather than the security implementer or architect.

Whether you are a security professional, a seasoned engineer, or are looking for a career change. The CISSP training at ACinfotec brings together all the materials and study aids you need to pass the CISSP exam.

Our objective is to not just prepare you for CISSP Certification, but to also provide you with the practical, detailed understanding and knowledge of security topics that will be of valued use to you and your company. ACinfotec provides not only a focus on the areas necessary for the CISSP examination, but also on a more detailed and practical perspective that will give you competitive skills in the real world as well. Therefore, you will learn both the theory and practical aspects of the technologies as well as gain insight into the industry with their expert instruction.


ISACA — ISACA offers the CISA, CISM and several others which seem more global in scope and a more middle-of-the-road path between executive and implementer or security architecture.

Since 1978, the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) program, sponsored by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), has been the globally accepted standard among information systems (IS) audit, control, and security professionals.

The CISA certification is a benchmark for IS audit, security, control, and assurance personnel to validate their skill set.

Our CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor course provides the student with the in-depth coverage of the information covering the five domains that make up the “Body of Knowledge” and proficiency to prepare for the globally recognized CISA certification exam. Moreover, this course will provide the student the tools to build their technical skills to develop, manage, and perform IT security audits.

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