About this course

Cloud computing has been one of the most important innovation in recent years, providing cost-effective, agile and virtual services. Most organizations are currently using cloud to handle the multitudes of business information and operations.

This course discusses in detail various issues that arise in cloud security with respect to both customers and service provider’s perspective. The contents follow guideline specified in ISO 27017 cloud security standard. The course starts by introducing concepts of Cloud Computing, security implications and related regulatory requirements. Then taking the audience to know the basics of ISO 27017, ISO 27002, CSA Cloud Control Matrix (CCM) and relationship among them. The core of the course, the security controls and implementation guidance based on ISO 27017 will be presented in details by ACinfotec instructor who have hands-on experience in securing the Cloud. Finally, the course wraps up with Cloud Computing Risk Assessment Workshop to ensure that all audiences will have an opportunity to assess risks associated with Cloud services and bring results as they take away information for future use.

Who should Attend?

  • Cloud Service User
  • Cloud Service Provider
  • Security Professional
  • Anyone who would like to know about cloud security risks and controls

Course Contents

  • Overview of Cloud Computing
    • Delivery Model
    • Deployment Model
    • Essential Characteristics
    • Relationship between Cloud Service Customer and Cloud Service Provider
  • Security Considerations in the Cloud
    • Threats to Cloud Service Customer
    • Threats to Cloud Service Provider
  • Governance, Regulation and Compliance Concerns
  • Overview of ISO 27017 and Relationship with ISO 27002 / CSA CCM
  • Security Controls and Implementation Guidance for Cloud Service Customer and Cloud Service Provider
  • Cloud Service Extended Control Set
  • Cloud Computing Risk Assessment Workshop

Training Info

Language : Conducted in Thai Language
Duration : 2 Days
Location : ACinfotec Training Center
16th Fl., Asia Centre Bldg., South Sathorn Rd.
Training fees: 28,000 BAHT (Ex.vat 7%)
Tel : 02 670 8980-3 ext. 304, 305
Email : training@acinfotec.com